Can you say it in english please !

Can you say it in english please !

Lossy und die Tagelöhner – 10 strings, a voice and having a thick skin… standing for a guitar, a bass, the voice and the drums


Lossy, tell us about your band name, how comes?

Oh, we were fooling around in a ski lift in Waidring, Austria. Wolfgang, a friend of mine and me were kidding and creating fantasy band names, placing them into the Top Ten while imitating this strange Austrian accent >Platz aaaanhs, Lossy und die Tageleeeehner< (imitates the accent, laughing).


Please describe your style, your music

OK, instrumentation leads the way and is a good hint, music straight forward. One can surely find the influence of the Stones and also of good old Westernhagen, even though we basically try to have our own agenda. To me, the song texts in German are fundamental. I tried to create song texts in English but I failed doing. I am an instinct musician, I act on instinct and I think this is the same for the rest of the band members, too.


How long does “Lossy und die Tagelöhner” exist?

We founded in 1987 after a talent contest in Goettingen. Intrinsically, I wanted to join this contest as singer/songwriter, without frills, only accompanied by my western guitar. When I told Micha and Ringo about my plan, they were really hooked and asked to be with me – so we were back on stage in a threesome, later on completed by Heiner and his drums – good bye, western guitar! I really feel comfortable about being able to move on stage freely without the need to concentrate to an instrument, that fits for me!


Means you’re existing for 24 years?

Principally right but with a long creative break caused by our very different occupation careers. We were scattered to the four winds in the early 90th, we lost contact and it seemed to be the end of our band. But then, computer managed reunion even though we are gaffers not grown up with computer using. But we familiarized with the technique, really astonished about the possibilities, about the resulting sound “made in the living room”.

Everyone of us records his own track at home, computer creates the one and whole – really amazing and creative!razy! The most worthy side effect is that even we are widespread all over the land, we are now again able to make music together!